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Academic Excellence Indicator System (AEIS)

(Also see Texas Academic Performance Reports below.)

The Academic Excellence Indicator System (AEIS) pulls together a wide range of information on the performance of students in each school and district in Texas every year. This information is put into the annual AEIS reports, which are available each year in the fall. The performance indicators for 2011-12 are:

  • Results of the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (TAKS*), note: for 2011-12, TAKS is only available for grades 10 and 11;
  • Exit-level TAKS Cumulative Passing Rates;
  • Progress of Prior Year TAKS Failers;
  • Attendance Rates;
  • Annual Dropout Rates (grades 7-8 and grades 9-12);
  • Completion Rates (4-year and 5-year longitudinal);
  • College Readiness Indicators;
    • Completion of Advanced/Dual Enrollment Courses;
    • Completion of the Recommended High School Program or Distinguished Achievement Program;
    • Participation and Performance on Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) Examinations;
    • Texas Success Initiative (TSI) – Higher Education Readiness Component;
    • Participation and Performance on the College Admissions Tests (SAT and ACT), and
    • College-Ready Graduates;

Performance on each of these indicators is shown disaggregated by ethnicity, special education, low income status, limited English proficient status (since 2002-03), at-risk status (since 2003-04, district, region, and state), and, beginning in 2008-09, by bilingual/ESL (district, region, and state, in section three of reports). The reports also provide extensive information on school and district staff, finances, programs and student demographics.

The accountability rating is visible as well on every AEIS report. However, please note: the AEIS report is not the "accountability report." For complete accountability information, please see the accountability data sheets available at No accountability ratings were released in 2012.

The AEIS reports also include, when applicable, the list of Gold Performance Acknowledgements (GPAs) earned in the current year as well as a note describing Performance-Based Monitoring (PBM) Special Education Monitoring Results Status if pertinent to the specific district or campus.