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Curriculum & Instruction and Federal Programs

GISD Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum & Instruction and Federal Programs
coordinates the responsibilities and activities of the following:

Special Programs –

Federal Programs –

State Mandated Tests - 


Curriculum Leadership & District Improvement –
Other -   GISD Associate Partnership – 

Curriculum Management Plan

The mission of Groesbeck ISD is to ensure that every student achieves maximum potential.

District Curriculum Goals:

  • To provide a viable and aligned curriculum and research-based instructional methods which facilitate achievement for all students.
  • To provide an aligned k-12 curriculum in the core areas of math, science, English language arts, and social studies.
  • To use data to monitor student progress and improve student performance. 
  • To establish, implement, and monitor a continuous process of improvement that focuses on student performance.
  • To align the written curriculum, the taught curriculum, and the tested curriculum.

College/Career Readiness Goals:

  • To support a dual-credit initiative that allows students to obtain an associate’s degree while in high school.
  • To support CATE initiatives that allow students to earn college hours and industry certifications in CATE programs while in high school.
  • To provide GT training to staff and support the development of GT and AP courses that prepare students for college.

Specific District Curriculum Strategies:

  • To train, update, and reinforce all teachers in the foundation programs (CKH, Learning Keys, and TEKS Resource System, etc.)
  • To conduct or provide professional development that supports the foundation programs and/or district goals.
  • To organize and support district-wide benchmark testing.
  • To collect and use data to track every student in the district (War Boards, Heat Maps, Quintile Reports).
  • To develop lesson plan formats for the campuses that support district goals.
  • To provide 21st-century classrooms and tools, including software and web-based programs, which support student achievement.
  • To utilize instructional leaders on each campus.
  • To have administrators and teachers conduct data walks for campus monitoring.
  • To support and train campus leadership in curriculum-related areas.